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It is sometimes worthwhile to hear what others have said about their decision to attend Omaha North High Magnet Center. Using the tabs to the right, you can read what students, parents, alumni and North faculty have said about why their family chose North.



Student Testimonials

Here are a number of testimonials written by students in answer to the question of why they selected Omaha North High Magnet School..

Rebecca (a King Science student)

I went to Omaha North High’s open house because I knew they had an excellent Math and Science Department. After visiting the school I saw how friendly everyone was and how enthusiastic the teachers were about what they do. That’s when I knew it would be the right school for me. Now that I am here, I really like all my classes and have enjoyed the total experience of being a student at North.

Megan (a McMillan student)

"I chose to come to North because of the wide variety of classes and activities. There are many options here that appeal to everybody's likes and needs. Plus, the faculty is awesome and go out of their way to ensure your success throughout high school. North High really is a great place to ready you for your future endeavors, not just in school, but in life as well."

Jalessa (a Beveridge student)

There are several reasons why I came to North High. One was for the Project Lead The Way Classes, because someday I want to become an aerospace engineer. I also came so I could take Physics in my freshmen year, and then move on to AP sciences.

Zach (a Buffett student)

At first I was considering going to another OPS high school. Then, I walked into North and was blown away. The academic programs amazes me, but it was mostly the caring of the people in the building. It just felt right!

Tyler (a Morton/Fullerton student)

I chose Omaha North High School because of the great science, math and engineering curriculum. I like these subjects that North specializes in, so I figured that North would be my best choice. So far, North has lived up to my expectations.

Crystine (a Lewis & Clark student)

I decided to come to North High because the academics and expectations here seemed to be the best of all the schools I was somewhat interested in.

Camille (a McMillan student)

When I was an eighth grader, North was not one of my picks to attend as a high school. Once I heard all of the speakers come to my school and tell me about North, I decided to give it a shot. While I was picking my classes, I saw a set of classes that really surprised me. It was the Engineering courses. This was shocking to me because I didn't expect high schools to offer these courses. So I talked to my mother and she told me to try it and I picked Intro to Architect and Engineering. This past year has opened my eyes to the world of Engineering and I am seriously considering furthering my Engineering career in college.


Staff Testimonial

Here are a number of testimonials written by staff members in answer to the question of why their family selected Omaha North High Magnet School..

Mrs. Jan Christensen, Curriculum Specialist

I have been a teacher for over 30 years. With this many years of service many would believe that I should be old and tired, and also retired. However, the experiences that I have at Omaha North High Magnet School energize me daily. In my years of service, I have worked with many accomplished individuals. I can honestly tell you, you will never find a more caring and talented group of professionals for your children. These teachers and staff members continue to challenge themselves to develop “cutting edge” curriculum and innovative programs, always being mindful of the needs of both our neighborhood and our magnet students. This family of educators cares immensely for the well being of the students they teach, and I have felt very privileged to be a member of this team. As you look for a good fit for you high school experience, come look us over. As the saying goes, “you’ve got to see it to believe it!” Omaha North High Magnet School is an awesome school, and we hope you will join our “Viking” family!

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Parent Testimonials

Here are a number of testimonials written by parents in answer to the question of why their family selected Omaha North High Magnet School.

Mr. Dan Borcyk (parent of a Morton Middle School)

North High offers outstanding programs in Math and Engineering! . . . . . Perfect for students wishing to be "ahead of the pack" in these areas when they enter college.

Mr. John J Costanzo (parent of a McMillan student)

When preparing to send our first child off to high school, we faced the same delimma all parents most likely deal with. Where will our child fit in? Where will they blossom and grow into the young men and women, that we as parents have always hoped they would become. My wife and I asked these very questions a year ago as we started receiving invitations to different high school open houses.
We attended several before Omaha North's Open House and were generally undecided when we arrived. During the course of the building tour, we had occasion to listen to and talk with several staff and students. We knew almost immediately, we had found our High School. And it wasn't what you think it would be that made up our minds. Yes, the facility, school, computer lab, gym etc... were outstanding but so are many other high schools these days.
What really blew us away was the message that the staff that afternoon at North high sent to us. It was loud and clear, not from just a few but without exception, from every teacher and student we met, "If you want your child to succeed and grow then North is the place they should be!". The energy and excitement that we felt at North that first day was truly wonderful. My wife and I both walked away knowing that our son would not be lost at North or just another wheel in the cog. But would instead be cared for and be given the opportunity to become the individual he wants to be. Omaha North was simply put, head and shoulders above the rest of the Omaha area schools.

John J Costanzo
Social Studies Department Head
McMillan Magnet Center
Excellence in Education
Semper Fidelis

Mr. G.

Our son was invited to Omaha North High School as an 8th grader. After that first visit, he knew exactly where he would attend high school. As parents, we were impressed with the staff and the facility; especially, in the areas of math, science and engineering. He is now a junior and North has been the best decision for him. When my wife and I share his accomplishments at North, other parents are amazed of what North has to offer. Many of these parents comment that their child’s school does not have anything close to what he has received at Omaha North High School...if a student has an interest in math, science or engineering, I would recommend Omaha North as the best choice of any of the metro Omaha high schools.

Mr. P.

My wife and I are both educators, and we value a magnet school education. Our children both chose Omaha North High because they could continue the magnet school education they had begin in elementary school. We all like the innovative approach to instruction as well as the diversity a magnet school provides. Both children are now in college. They were well prepared academically and they had already learned to enjoy a diverse enviornment. While they both find college challenging, they have good study skills, exceptional fundamental knowledge and skills, and know how to access the resources necessary to be successful. We credit all this from the excellent preparatory education they received at Omaha North High. In addition, their advanced math skills allowed both to advance faster in their college programs.


Alumni Testimonial


Diane Whitney Carner, Class of 1973

At the time of my attending North High School, I was known as Diane Whitney.   The three years at North High was the beginning of my work ethics as well as preparing myself for ‘the real world’ adventures.   

I had some great teachers between 1970 and 1973; but I must say here were really four individuals at North High who left a tremendous positive impressions: Paul Lynn (Math), Carole McMillian Kidd (Business classes), Counselor/Business Classes Juanita Johnson and Assistant Vice Principal Dick Davis-who provided and taught me my work ethics.

I knew back then I would either be a Math Teacher or  own a business and talked to the above to make sure I was capable of doing either and what classes I should take in high school and to prepare self for college.   My life path changed in 1974 when marriage and family came into the picture, however, through 1974 to current; I have started/sold three businesses and currently own a distribution/wholesale company as well as a publishing company. 

Through modern technology (Facebook), I came to find out that Carole McMillian Kidd lives two hours from me, and had the opportunity a couple years ago to meet up with her and thank her for the wonderful teacher she was.    I also had the opportunity to talk to Juanita Johnson and thank her for her help through my years at North High and the impression she left on me as well.    I have not had the opportunity to locate and/or talk with either Paul Lynn or Dick Davis…but would like to thank them today for all they had done to assist me in who I am today!   A successful business person.

S. Steve Adkins, Class of 1957

Omaha North High School saved my life!  This is not an exaggeration.  As a poor student in grade school, I nearly went to Omaha Technical High School intending to participate in their work/study program.  But my sister was very upset that during her senior year at North High her "little" brother wouldn't be a freshman.  So I went to North High.  During my freshman year, Mr. Dubler helped me develop self-confidence in his drafting class ... a class that I didn't want to take!  I loved it. That same year, Mr. Bryan's algebra class opened a whole new world for me.

After completing my freshman year, I determined that my inability to read, let alone speak, in front of a class would hinder academic success.  That summer, I read an article in Reader's Digest written by a Toastmaster describing businessmen that shared the fear of public speaking.  The article included a few simple rules to become an effective speaker.  I resolved to apply these rules in my first opportunity during my sophomore year at Omaha North High.

That opportunity was in Miss Gatz's class. The class was asked to create an outline of a chapter as a homework assignment.  In the next class, she asked for a volunteer to give an impromptu description from their outline.  I volunteered.  After my short discourse, I returned to my seat. Miss Gatz ran after me and snatched my outline out of my hand.  I said to myself, "Oh-oh, I'm in trouble again!"  She held my outline aloft and told the class, "This is why Steve's impromptu speech was excellent.  This is a good outline."

At that instant, my life was changed. Miss Gatz taught effective speaking later in the year. I prospered in this positive environment at North High.  I went on to college followed by an extremely interesting and successful career in applying supercomputers to DoD, government laboratory and Aerospace problems.  My good English skills and public speaking skills played an important role in this career spanning engineering, marketing and R&D.  I am now retired and enjoy flying powered aircraft and gliders, sailing ice boats and reading novels and history.

Omaha North High School made all this possible.  Thank you.