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Prospective Students



Prospective Students

Choosing a high school is a major step in your education. This section offers lots of information for you in making that decision. Take some time to explore what makes us unique, read a number of testimonials from our students, parents, staff and alumni, read about our magnet program and more.


A district-produced video of North's offerings can be found on the MAGNET page.

To read testimonials about North, click here.




Am I Eligible to Attend North?

The district maintains a web site that can provide preliminary information on a student's eligibility to attend Omaha North High Magnet School. The system is called "DOSO" for Directory of School Options and is maintained by the school district. Contact information is provided on the page.


Our Magnet Program


Read about our magnet program. Omaha North offers unique and intensive programs in the areas engineering, mathematics, science and the use of technology.



Becoming One of Us

"Becoming One of Us" is the full-day Freshmen Orientation held on the 1st day of school. During this day, freshmen will meet in homeroom, complete paperwork, tour the building, receive their schedule, receive an overview of the technology available to them at North, attend an assembly with the principal and, to cap off the day, participate in a pep rally. Freshmen Mentors, upper-classman who have been trained to assist in the orientation of freshmen, are with the students all day providing insight into the daily activities at Omaha North High Magnet Center.



OPS Magnet Website

OPS maintains a web site with information about the magnet programs, eligibility requirements, bus transportation and more. Of particular note is the OPS High School Magnet Book that describes the high school magnet programs as well as the OPS Additional Information Magnet Book providing the answers to a number of questions about the magnet programs in OPS.




Questions? Give us a call at (531) 299-2700



At some point you may have heard that all high schools are the same. We don't believe so. Omaha North is a very special place. When you attend North, you "become one of us." You become part of the North family...

What Makes Us Unique?

  •  An art department with the highest percentage participation of any high school in the area.

  • Largest number of advanced placement science courses in the metropolitan area

  • Mathematics offerings found in no other metro high school as well as college-level coursework.

  • Technology that is "pervasively transparent."

  • Project Lead The Way Biomedical Sciences curriculum offered no where else in the metro area.

  • Every art pottery student has an individual plotters wheel.

  • and more...


Why Choose North?

For most 8th-graders the decision to select a high school is not an easy one. The Omaha Public Schools offers you excellent high schools from which to choose. Deciding on one as your home for the next four years should not be taken lightly. You should take the time to research each school - learning about its programs and beginning to determine whether those programs are what you want.

As a senior on your graduation day listening to the speeches and music that is the graduation ceremony, posing for photographs with family and friends and celebrating with your fellow graduates, it will be too late if you are not prepared for life after high school. Omaha North promises to do all that it can do to get you there...the rest is up to you. Your decision of a high school is an important one.

We believe that Omaha North High Magnet School offers an excellent education, providing opportunities not available in other schools in the metropolitan area. Omaha North is committed to making your four years valuable, exciting and rewarding as you "Become One of Us."


To read testimonials about North, click here.

Hello, future Viking!

Welcome to Omaha North! We will host our Jump Start program this year at McMillan Magnet Middle School, due to building renovations.  This year, our Jump Start Program will operate June, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th from 7:30am-2:00pm. During this time, we will

•          Take a deeper look at the portrait of the graduate

•          Enhance teambuilding skills

•          Learn about Omaha North's freshman academy

•          Develop strategies and routines that will enable you to reach your maximum potential

We hope to see you this summer! Go Vikings!

**Enrollment is Limited so please return this online application by April 9th.

**Transportation will be provided to participants who are eligible for Omaha Public Schools transportation.

Interested?! Please register here.