Homecoming Information for 2018

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The Door1...Door2 etc. links below are for the Homecoming Door decoration contest.

 Homecoming 2018  
 Entry 1st 2nd 3rd
 Best Community Entry  PTSO KSTM Maraching Band  NOrth Alum: Dan Montez 
 Most Outstanding Float or Car  StuCO Cheerleaders  Robotics 
Best Marching or Walking Group  Golder Vikings Dance Team JROTC Color Guard  Science Club 
 Parade Photographs - Door1 - Door2 - Door3 - Door4
   Best Overall: Florence Elementary School  

  Homecoming 2017
Entry  1st  2nd  3rd 
 Best Community Entry Florence Elementary  Courtesy Committee  McMillan Representatives & Future Vikings 
 Best Marching or Walking Group  Science Club JROTC Color Guard  Viking Marching Band 
 Most Outstanding Float or Car Cheerleaders  Student Council  Just Friends 
   Homecoming 2016    
 Entry 1st  2nd  3rd 
Best Community Entry   PTSO Viking Parents Squad  Alumni, Class of 1971 
 Best Marching or Walking Group Viking Marching Band  JROTC Color Guard  German & Spanish Clubs 
 Most Outstanding Float or Car Cheerleaders & Sparkles  Student Council  Drama Club 


Homecoming 2015
Entry 1st 2nd 3rd
Best Community Entry: Florence Elementary School PTSO Pleasnat Green Marching Saints
Most Outstanding Float or Car Volleyball Science Club Robotics/Enginerring
Best Marching or Walking Group NHS Cheerleaders NHS Marching Band French Club
Parade Photographs
Homecoming Door Contest
Best Entry Overall goes to...Student Council!

 Homecoming 2014
Entry 1st 2nd  3rd 
Best Community Entry:  Florence Elementary School PTSO  King Science Center 
Most Outstanding Float or Car Student Council  French Club  Just Friends & Science Club 
Best Marching or Walking Group German Club  Beck/Custard Viking Time  Cheerleaders 
Parade Photographs
Homecoming Door Contest
Best Entry Overall goes to:  Volleyball! 


Homecoming 2013 





 Best Community Entry: PTSO King Wildcat Representatives  Florence Elementary School 
 Most Outstanding Float or Car: Student Council French Club  Science Club
 Best Marching or Walking Group Beck/Custard Viking Time NHS Marching Band  JROTC

 Parade photographs

 Best Entry Overall goes to: Volleyball!



 Homecoming 2012





 Best Marching or Walking Group:  Club/Just Friends  Role-Playing Club  NHS CheerFrench
 Most Outstanding Float or Car:  Volleyball  Science Club  Robotics
 Community:  P.T.S.O.  Wildcat Marching Band  King Science & Technology Wildcat Representative

 Best Entry Overall goes to: Student Council

 Parade photographs (Long Load)

 Homecoming 2011

Door Decorating Contest   Room 313, Ms. Connor's Viking Time    
Best Marching or Walking Group: JROTC NHS Band  GSA 
Most Outstanding Float or Car: Just Friends Volleyball French Club
Community: King Science Center: Wildcat Representatives Bpard of Education, Justin Wayne Wildcat Marching Band

 Best Entry Overall goes to: PTSO

 Parade photographs (Long Load)


 Homecoming 2010

Door Decorating Contest

Entries - click HERE to view all the entries

 Winner - Ms. Bruland's room 265 3D Viking Ship




 Best Marching or Walking Group:  NHS Band  German Club Role Playing Clubl 
 Most Outstanding Float or Car:  Volleyball  French Club  Student Council
 Community:  PTSO  Over the Hill Dance Team  King Science Magnet Center

 Best Entry Overall goes to: The Blue Man Group and Vik the Viking

 Parade photographs

Homecoming 2009

Homecoming 2009 Royalty...  King--Tristan Primes
Queen--Tiffanee Davis
Prince--Chancellor Smith
Princess--Estephani Findlay
 Best Marching or Walking Group:  NHS Band  Role Playing CLub Softball 
 Most Outstanding Float or Car:  Volleyball  Student Council  Engineering
 Community:  King Wildcats  Class of 1985  PTSO

 Best Entry Overall goes to: The French Club

Homecoming 2009 Part 1 photographs
Homecoming 2009 Part 2 photographs


Homecoming 2008



 Florence Safety Patrol

King Team 8A 

Minne Lusa 


 French Club


 man Club


 Video Club

RP Club 

 Volleyball Team


 Drama Club


 ue Man Group