Alice Buffett Outstanding Teacher Award

The Susan T. Buffett Foundation recognizes fifteen exceptional teachers in the Omaha Public Schools with a $10,000 award.  Nomination forms and information on the award and past recipients can be found here.  If you feel as if an Omaha North teacher or counselor is worthy of this award, we encourage you to complete a nomination form.

2021 Jeremy Weimer Industrial
Lajoy Green
2018 Rose Rydberg  Music 
2016 Amanda Gutierrez English 
2014 Cherie Connors English
2012 Dr. Lee Kallstrom Engineering
2011 Dr. Darren Holley Mathematics
2009 Kim Cooper Art
2008 Lindsey Holley Special Education
1999 Michael Krainak Journalism
1997 Ken Koop Engineering Technology
1997 Patrick Ribar Music
1996 Susan Nelson Mathematics
1994 Carla Bissell Mathematics
1994 John Dennison Art & English
1993 James Coulter English
1992 Harris Payne Geography
1992 Rebecca Rhoads French
1991 Jan Christensen Mathematics