Staff Adjustments

Here are staff changes for the 2017 - 2018 school year as of August 8, 2017

Staff Leaving North...  Department
Carlson, Rick Business
Holley, Lindsay Special Education 
Shank, Jerry Transition Room
Thomsen, Nancy Curriculum Specialist
Staff Leaving North  
Aerts, Hillary Journalism
Cisco Lindsey Art
Clymer, Jennie Physical Education 
Hughes, Kristen ESL 
Liljedahl, Amber Mathematics
Roan, John Social Studies 
Sullivan, Ryan JROTC 
Watson, LaShonda Main Office
West, Chris World Language
Wolfe, Kelsea English 
Staff Joining North in August, including staff moving into a new position... Department
Ballou, Brittany Business
Collins, Vanessa English 
Cruz, Tisha ESL 
Dappen, Ariel Special Education
Fernandez-DeBlas, Margarita World Language
Johnson, Taylor Special Education 
Martin, April Curriculum Specialist 
Oxley, Tara Dean of Student
McCoy, Missy Mathematics LTS
McNeal, Sydnie English 
Schmidt, Shelby English (Newspaper/Yearbook) 
Station, Ayesha Business 
Tidmore, Amon JROTC
Todd, Audrey Art
Toth, Rob Social Studies
Vipond, Mike Transition Room 
Wilson, Jessica Mathematics 
Zuber, Dawn Mathematics