Staff Adjustments

Here are staff changes for the 2020 - 2021 school year as of July 21, 2020.

Staff Leaving North - Retirement  
Cooney, Andrea Science
Haynes, Gene Principal
Kotrous, Mike Groundskeeper
Lessley, Katie Athletic Secretary
Molettiere, Rich Building Tech Support
Poppy, Marlese Attendance Office
Turner, Ray Maintenance
Staff Leaving North  
Andersen, Jared Special Education
Dappen, Ariel ESL
Bell, Kristina English
Bizal, Jordan Social Studies
Bourdess, Randy Science
Hankel, John Engineering Technology moves to Curriculum Specialist
Kill, Benjamin Special Education
Kumm, Sarah Special Education
Lee, Kathy Assistant Principal at Omaha Burke
  Special Education
Means, Kelly TAC
Spencer Alison Art
Thorson, Stephanie Family & Consumer Science
Vanness, Hunter Business
Staff Joining North  
Aguilar, Hugo World Languages
Earnhardt, Hanna Social Studies
Elworth, Laura Student Support Liaison
Hoarty, Pat ESL
Hudek, Chris Business
Janecek, Katie Attendance Office
Krebs, Addison Science
Landoult, Alexandria  English
Myers, Madeline Special Education
Overman, Bobbye  Art
Nero, Dr. Collette Nero Principal 
Stanton, Jon Computer Science
Walters, Andrew Assistant Principal
Williams, Raiha Athletic Secretary