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2003 Vikings of Distinction


Ellen Parrish Hedlund, Ph. D. , Massachusetts. Class of 1961. Rhode Island Commissioner of Education.
Virginia M. Nedley, Omaha. NHS Faculty 1968-1996. Taught Spanish, Latin, French, Japanese, English and Word Study.
Byron B. Oberst, M.D., Omaha. Class of 1940. One of Children's Memorial Hospital's first "Legends in Pediatrics," author and medical consultant.
Thomas A. Romberg, Ph.D., Omaha. Class of 1951. Bascom Professor of Education, Professor Emeritus at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, researcher, author, worldwide consultant .
Annette Scott Sayers, Omaha. Class of 1970. Registered nurse, community and civic leader, wife, mother and inventor.
William O. Wakefield, Ph. D. Omaha.. Class of 1961. Professional musician, university professor, auther and criminal justice authority.

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