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2001 Vikings of Distinction


Donald H. Archer, Santa Barbara, California. Class of 1942. Electronics Engineer. Refited after long career in missile satellite and microwave technology.
William Bohannon, Omaha. Class of 1971. Actor, Director and veteran of more than 20 musical productions.
Dwayne B. Ibsen, Omaha. NHS Faculty 1966-1982. Taught speech and drama and was a major uniting force during North's troubled years.
Jack K. Lausterer Sr., Omaha. Class of 1939. Civic leader and retired president of CBS Real Estate Company.
John L. Morgan, Wayzata, Minnesota. Class of 1959. CEO of row Biz International whose leadership led to funding of minority scholarships for North students.
Noel Weimer, Chicago, Illinois. Class of 1964. Founded FirstNoel Consulting after a successful career as an advertising copywriter and creative director.

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