Alumni Booster Club

The Alumni Booster Club was formed in the spring of 1987 to lend its support to North High School in reestablishing itself as one of the most prominent schools in the state and Midwest. The organization was extremely instrumental in assisting to pass the bond issue which made the $20 million renovation of the school possible.

Since that time, the Alumni Booster Club has been instrumental in hosting the Alumni Come Home events; providing scholarships; working with the Vikings of Distinction committee, the Omaha North High School Foundation, and the PTSA; furnishing funds for various projects throughout the school; and contributing expertise to ensure that North High School is on the cutting edge of technology.

The main purpose of this group is to renew pride in Omaha North High School and the community. The Alumni Booster Club meets once a semester and is always looking for direct involvement from interested alumni. Please contact Jan Christistensen), 557-3434, if you are interested in becoming involved.

The Alumni Booster Club is proud to be a part of the revitalization of Omaha North High School as one of the top schools in the region. In an effort to maintain this standing, we are sponsoring the Viking Booster drive. We would like you to become a Viking Booster .

Your tax-deductible gift of ten dollars or more will allow us to continue to assist Omaha North High School. In return, your name will be listed on the Omaha North High School web page, https://www.ops.org/north/home.html.

Please make your checks payable to Omaha North High School. Karen Robey, Alumni Booster Club treasurer, will be collecting the donations. Her address is 9745 Nottingham Drive, Omaha NE 68114.

Thank you in advance for your continued support of Omaha North High School.


Contributions made to date:

Don Anderson - Class of 1944
Marjorie Beckerman - Class of 1941
Richard Birkel - Class of 1945
John Carter - Class of 1957
Marilyn Arkfeld Clark - Class of 1944
Herman Colvin - Faculty
Kathleen Crawford-Rose - Faculty
Susie Danze - Class of 1946
Charles H. Duncan - Class of 1948
Kathleen Nields Fox
Kay Gale - Class of 1972
Joyce Yates Gardner - Class of 1978
Jackie Gerken - Class of 1969
William Gray - Class of 1935
Mary Jane Guyer - Class of 1935
Gene R. Haynes - Faculty
Pamela Kelly - Parent of Jana Murrell
Wanda Gatewood Lamb - Class of 1954
Wayne Malnack - Class of 1949
Denise Meeks - Class of 1976
Terry Meidlinger
Gertrude Micheels - Class of 1937
Clifford A. Moyer - Class of 1934
Bernice Nared - Faculty
Sue Nelson - Faculty
North High School Professional Secretaries
William E. O'Connor - Class of 1947
Harold Obrist - Faculty
H. R. (Arch) Oetken
Heide Oetken
Joe Oetken - Class of 1992
Rhonda L. Paulsen
William Page - Class of 1953
Chad Pitschka - Class of 1997
Lynn & Liz Pitschka - Parents of Chad, Kyle & Kayla
Jean Reilly - Class of 1940
Karen Robey - Class of 1960
David Schmid - Class of 1961
Thor Schrock - Class of 1995
William Slaughter - Class of 1944
Mary Alice Thomas - Class of 1930
Frank Tworek - Faculty
Jeff & Amy Wagner - Faculty
Larry Wardell - Class of 1958
Judy Wendell - Faculty 1967 - 1996
Mark C. Wilson, MD - Class of 1971