Magnet Program - Mathematics

For the student who excels in mathematics, Omaha North High Magnet School offers the program for you. For those looking for a “challenge,” Omaha North offers it both in the classroom and on a competitive level. We offer the most advanced programs in the district, offering college level courses in Calculus at three levels, linear algebra, and differential equations. Our advanced level courses are taught by educators who have their doctorate in mathematics and who are adjunct faculty at the University of Nebraska at Omaha. We assure you we will prepare you for the post-secondary mathematics experiences. And for the student who loves competition, our math team travels to local and regional competitions and rarely do we leave a competition without hardware in our hands.  We also host a middle and high school mathematics competition.

The dual enrollment option for students in Calculus AB and BC is an excellent option for the student who may chose to begin their college career prior to graduation. For the student who continues in more advanced courses, many colleges/universities will offer credit for these classes as well. We have had North students enter college with 24 credits earned in college-level mathematics courses.
Our mathematics program compliments both our pre-engineering program, Project Lead The Way, and our advanced science program. Students looking for careers in any of these major fields will find the program of study in mathematics will appropriately prepare them for their career path. For students who have chosen our engineering career path, pre-requisites in algebra are necessary. To continue in this program, students must parallel their course selections in engineering with advanced courses in mathematics. A student completing the four year engineering program should have completed courses in calculus.



North Mathematics Contest (September)

Doane Math Contest (September)

Midland University Contest (October)

UNO Contest (October)

UNL Contest (November)

Westside Contest (February)

Northwest Missouri State Contest (March)