Viking Cup Invitational


14th Annual

Viking Cup Invitational

March 6th & 7th, 2014


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Omaha North High School Presents

2015 Viking Cup Invitational

Show Choir Competition

March 6th & 7th. 2015


 Dear Choral Director,


Mark your calendar for March 6th and 7th, 2015, the dates the Omaha North High Magnet School Music Department will host the 2015 Viking Cup Invitational Choir Competition. I personally invite you to join me at this exciting event and am looking forward to welcoming your show choir to Omaha North High Magnet School.

Schools from our neighboring Midwestern states have been invited to compete, so once again we plan a full slate of choirs from across the Heartland displaying the highest quality vocal music at the secondary level. This competition is designed to encourage goodwill, sportsmanship, musical excellence and positive showmanship involving a premier level of preparedness and performance. You will witness a display of teamwork, school pride, respect, and courtesy throughout the competition.


Once again, I encourage you to make your reservations and join us in Omaha next March for a competition filled with excitement.


Kevin Kilpatrick

Choral Director

Omaha North High Magnet School



General Information:

Information regarding the Viking Cup Invitational can be found on this website. For more specific information on rules and regulations, please read the Director's Notebook, which will be sent to you upon inquiry.

Middle School Show Choirs will perform on Friday March 6th, 2015

High School Prep Choirs will perform on either Friday or Saturday, depending on total number of entries.

High School Show Choirs will perform on Saturday March 7th, 2015

Registration: On-line registration is available on this website by clicking HERE!

Please complete the form to register. A paper registration is also available. All fees must be mailed. Mail  your registration fee of $225 per show choir, or $100 per concert choir to:

Viking Cup Invitational
Omaha North High Magnet School
4410 North 36th St.
Omaha, NE 68111


Registrations must be received or postmarked on or before December 31, 2014. No registrations will be accepted after that date.

Registrations are accepted on a first come, first served basis. Once payment is received, no refunds will be issued. If you have a request for a time slot, please make your request by December 31, 2014. We will make every effort to accomodate you, however time slot requests are not guaranteed.

Arrival: All directors should report to the check-in table at the Northeast entrance of Omaha North High Magnet School. (Note- this is new entrance for this year's competition.)A student volunteer will escort your show choir to an assigned homeroom. Concert Choirs will be gathering in a central location. Guests may enter through the main door.

Load-in: For Show Choirs, most equipment may be taken to your homeroom. All High School Concert Choirs will have a designated area in a central location. All Choirs will be performing in the auditorium. Large equipment, such as risers, can be stored behind the stage through the receiving room entrance. A map will be available at the check-in table.

Risers: Concert choirs will use the same risers as the show choirs.Sixteen 4'x8' show choir platform risers (four each at 8", 16", 24" and 32" height) will be provided. This basic riser formation will remain stationary for the entire competition. Any additional risers or staging deviations from this standard must be approved by VCI staff well in advance of the competition.  See your directors packet or contact the VCI coordinator staff for more information.  All additional equipment for any changes must be provided by the attending choir. Please talk to a VCI coordinator before bringing additional risers as storage space is limited.

Sound System: Three microphones and two wireless microphones will be provided on stage.

Instrumentation: A piano is available for use in the auditorium. We have a single drum set for use in the auditorium. Recorded musical accompaniment is discouraged, but anyone using recorded tracks must provide their own system for playback. For Senior High Show Choirs-in order for your band to be judged, no more than one adult is allowed to play in the band with your students. An additional adult who is the conductor (but not playing an instrument) is permissible.  Accompaniment is not judged for Middle School Show Choirs and Senior High Concert Choirs.

Lighting: A basic lighting plot will be used for all performances.

Parking: There will be ample parking at Omaha North High Magnet School and Skinner Magnet School for competition guests. Buses will be parked in the Skinner Magnet School parking lot after unloading. Shuttle vans will provide transportation between the schools. All parking areas will be supervised, but we do advise that parked vehicles be locked. Please do not park in the YMCA parking lot.

Concessions: Breakfast items, nachos, submarine sandwiches, and other dinner items, drinks and dessert will be sold in the Viking Center concession stand at Omaha North for your convenience. No food or drink will be allowed in the auditorium or the homerooms at any time. Bringing in outside food is prohibited.

Entrance Fees: Admission is $6 for Friday and $10 for all day Saturday, including Finals. Everyone is encouraged to bring guests to support your group and the festival. All paying guests will receive a wristband allowing attendance to that day's performances. Children 5 and younger are free both days. Saturday admission for children between 6 and 10 is $5. Because this is a fund raising event, and our profit margin is already minimal, no coupons, or Entertainment Pack discounts will be honored. Please pass this information on to all attending guests.

At check-in, all choir participants, including band and techs, will receive a hand stamp for free admission for that day. A limit of two adult volunteers (aside from the director and accompanist) may accompany each choir at no cost. Participants are encouraged to attend performances by other groups on their choir's day of competition. Admission to the performances is by stamp or wristband only.

Attendance: Once a choir's performance has started, the venue doors will be closed until the performance is finished. Audience members may enter and exit only during set-up and tear-down. Performances may be viewed from a monitor in the Viking Center or the hallway for all who may have missed making a timely entry into the venue, or wish to enjoy a casual meal at that time.

Extras: Videos, "live action shots" taken of your group's performance, and group pictures will be available for purchase in the Viking Center during the two-day event. Flyers will be available at the Viking Center and in your director's packet about purchases of group and live action shots on- line. Photography will not be permitted during performances for the safety of all performers, and videotaping is restricted contractually with our videographer.

Security: Omaha North High Magnet School is staffed with security personnel during all in-school activities. However, Omaha North High Magnet School is not responsible for lost items or items left unattended in an unsecured room. Please be attentive to all personal items. Please see additional information regarding security as listed in The Director's Notebook, which choral directors will receive upon inquiry.

Health /First Aid: A First Aid kit will be available in the Viking Center . A nurse or First Aid Trained adult will be on sight or in the Health Office.

Handicapped Seating: Omaha North High Magnet School is handicapped accessible. Handicapped seating is available in the auditorium and an elevator is available for handicapped access to all floors.

Hotel Accommodations: Crowne Plaza - 655 N. 108th Street. Hotel # (402) 496-0850. The hotel has a pool. Restaurant on site. Located about 15 minutes from Omaha North High School, downtown Omaha and the Henry Doorly Zoo, - Off of I-680 - West Dodge Street exit. This site provides a more confined and therefore secure location for visiting students.

Alternative accommodations for those who wish to experience downtown Omaha - DoubleTree Inn - 1616 Dodge Street . Hotel # (402) 346-7600). Hotel has a pool. Restaurant on site. 10 minutes from Omaha North. Located in downtown Omaha. For more information regarding additional hotels in the area, please contact the Viking Cup Coordinator, at

Local Area Attractions Include: Henry Doorly Zoo, IMAX Theater at the Zoo, Omaha's Old Market, SAC Museum, Qwest Center and Creighton University.



Friday: Middle School Show Choir competitions will be held in the auditorium.  High School Prep Choirs may compete on Friday as well.

Saturday: Class A/AA, B/C, and Women's High School Show Choirs will compete in the auditorium.

Choir Photos: Choirs will be taken to the Viking Center for a group photo prior to their warm-up time. A schedule will be posted. A form is available on this website for use by anyone who wishes to make inquiries about purchasing pictures on-line. This form may be copied and distributed. Flyers will be available in the Viking Center during the competition with more information regarding the purchase of pictures on-line. 

Warm-up: A warm-up session will be provided in the Choral Room in the north hall off the Auditorium, prior to each choir’s performance. The time limits for warm-up sessions are 25 minutes.

Time: Each Concert Choir will be allowed 20 minutes to enter, perform and exit. Each show choir will be allowed 25 minutes for their performance. This includes setup, performance and strike. Timing will begin when the first person steps on stage for setup and when the last person exits after strike. A stage crew will be available to assist your group.

Adjudication: Each performance will be observed by three scoring judges and one critique judge. The critique judge will provide feedback during your post performance critique session to be held in the Critique Room.

Concert Choirs will be judged on 7 criteria; tone, intonation, precision/facility, balance, expression, diction,and other factors- such as choice of music, feeling of ensemble, dicipline, stage presence/appearance, posture, memorization- if required,  (This criteria is similar to District Competition NSAA format). 

Judging for show choirs will be based on four criteria: vocal quality, choreography, instrumental accompaniment, and overall effect. Middle and prep choirs will not be judged on instrumental accompaniment. The six highest scoring senior show choirs, excluding Prep, will be chosen to compete in the Finals competition. There is not a separate competition for Soloists.

Critique Room: A judge will accompany representatives from each group to the Critique Room for one performance period following each competition. Because of space limitations, only 4 students and 2 adults (one of which is the choir director) will be allowed in the critique room. Water for participants will be provided at that location. Parents are not to accompany choirs into the critique room.

Host Performances: On Friday evening, an exhibition performance by Omaha North High School's Explosion! will precede the awarding of the middle school trophies. In addition, Explosion! will perform prior to Saturday's Day competition trophies and awards presentation. Announcement of the six finalist choirs will follow that presentation. Additional selected musical groups from Omaha North High Magnet School will perform after the Finals competition. Please sit back and enjoy while your hosts showcase their expertise! The Finals trophies and awards presentation will follow their performance.

Trophies/Awards: Division trophies will be announced for the top scoring high school show choirs in the following divisions: A/AA, B/C, Prep, Women's, Middle School, and Concert Choir. 

High School Concert Choirs will be awarded First, Second, Third and Fourth Places after the competition on Friday, in the auditorium. 

Middle school division trophies. First, Second, Third and Fourth Place, will be announced in the auditorium following their competition on Friday. 

On Saturday, individual awards will be presented for Best Female Soloist, Best Male Soloist, Best Instrumental, Best Vocal, and Best Choreography. There is not a separate competition for Soloists. The Fuglei Showmanship Trophy will be awarded to an individual selected by our choral director, Mr. Manley, and announced prior to the Finals Trophies being awarded during Saturday's competition.

Show Choir Finals winners will be announced after the Saturday evening show choir competition. Five runners-up and the Grand Champion will be decided. The Grand Champion "Viking Cup" Trophy will be awarded to the show choir that receives the highest rating from the FINALS judges.


Photocopied Music: Omaha North High Magnet School and the Omaha Public School District disclaim all liability in actions resulting from the unlawful reproduction of parts and/or scores of music. Directors are advised to acquaint themselves with the restrictions and responsibilities set forth in the Federal Statutes governing copyrights. Photo copying services will not be provided by Omaha North.


Videotaping: Each choir's performance will be videotaped at each venue by a Videographer. Order forms for purchase of DVD copies of every choir's performance, as well as the FINALS, will be available in the Viking Center. Use of cameras or video cameras will not be permitted during the competition.

Viking Cup