BMIT Information


Welcome to the Omaha North High Magnet School Business, Marketing and Information Technology (BMIT) department.  We are committed to preparing students for a rapidly changing world by expanding each student’s knowledge, experiences and skills in business.

Whatever path you are pursuing — college prep, career training, tech prep, or school-to-work — every student can learn how to succeed in life by electing business courses! 


Why study BMIT? 

There are several reasons why you should enroll in business education at Omaha North High School:


1.  BMIT transactions, decisions, and interactions are a part of every person’s daily life.  All students, regardless of their ultimate career goal, need business courses in high school.

2.  BMIT courses contribute to higher-order thinking.

3.  BMIT courses enhance achievement test performance.

4.  BMIT programs contribute to workplace readiness and help develop skills and knowledge employers want and need.

5.  BMIT programs provide for integrated learning.

Fact Sheets

Student organizations at North:

  • DECA - Omaha North High Magnet School has an active DECA student organization  Click HERE for the link to the national website.
  • FBLA - Omaha North High Magnet School has an active FBLA student organization  Click HERE for the link to the national website.

Student Teachers

The Business Department has supervised student teachers from the following colleges:

  • Doane College
  • Grace University
  • Peru State College
  • University of Nebraska at Omaha


The department believes education in BMIT provides students with:

Desirable knowledge, attitudes and skills to live and work as productive citizens
Opportunities to apply technology, legal principles, communication skills, computational skills, and business knowledge
Marketable skills and partnership with the business community
An educational foundation which promotes responsible and ethical behavior
Guidance to meet the challenges of a fast-changing multicultural society








·         Create a safe and supportive educational environment that promotes learning

·         Align curriculum to national, state, district, and school-based standards

·         Differentiate instruction to serve diverse learning styles and interests

·         Provide students with opportunities to master essential skills through practical applications by actively engaging students

·         Assist students in developing connections between business principles and their personal and professional lives

·         Provide students with opportunities to develop and apply interpersonal, teamwork, and leadership skills

·         Utilize formative and summative assessments to provide direction for instruction

·         Provide opportunities for students to be active members in national, state, and local student organizations

·         Guide students in developing effective communication skills for a variety of arenas

·         Incorporate problem solving opportunities where students connect prior learning and use critical thinking skills



John Paul Gustafson Scholarship

The John Paul Gustafson Scholarship was established in 2004 and first awarded in 2005.  John was a member of North High's graduation class of 2003. He attended Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles, California.  He passed away in May 2004.  Each year one (1) scholarship is awarded. 

In 2017 the Gustafson selection committee extended the scholarship to the senior in environmental science.

 2017 Jacob Stacy (Environmental Science) 
2016  < Not Awarded >
2015 Ruth Morales (Academy of Finance)
2014 Lucy Chung  (Academy of Finance)
2013 Kao Moua  (Academy of Finance)
2012 Bryan Hackman (Academy of Finance)
2011 Courtney Wulff (Academy of Finance)
2010 Kira Luxon (Academy of Finance)
2009 Austin Garten (Academy of Finance)


Mary Uhl Collins Scholarships

Mary Uhl Collins Business Education Scholarships - Ms. Collins was a dedicated business education teacher at Omaha North for 36 years.  Each year, two scholarships are awarded.


 2017 Rayetta Benson-Redinbaugh  DaShawn McGary 
 2016 Mikayla Arrington  Syndii Washington
2015 Ruth Morales Devashish Neupane 
2014 Danielle Bynum Natea Kent 
2013 Chase Nuzum  Carolina Malavosi
2012 LeeAnn Bunderson Anthony Marinella
2011 Joshua Bagby Alex Riley
2010 John Glassman Andrew Schroeder
2009 Sara Belk Sade Brewer
2008 Aminata Fall Chelsie Byers
2007 Brittany Ware Cara Mitchell
2006 Thailgone Lor Asauna Carter
2005 Bobby O'Brien Candance Prescher
2004 Brandy Stone Jeffrey Brunner
2003 John Gustafson Edward Osugi
2002 Brian Bremer Jennifer Escher
2001 Anne Gustafson Ashley Sims
2000 Nicole Foster Teresa Walker