Stained Glass Windows

Started in 1990s, the Stained Glass Window Project has transformed ordinary windows in the Media Center (or 2nd-floor gym to many alumni) into an artistic wonderpiece representing Eastern Nebraskan Ecology.

A view of one of the two walls in the Media Center with stained glass windows.

"Fox" donated by the Class of 1940
"Squirrels" donated by Kathleen Crawford-Rose, former North High Librarian, 1998
"Possum" donated by Reane Pipher, 1999
"Crane" donated by the Class of 1948 in 1999
"Geese" donated by the Class of 1949 in 2000
"Deer" donated by the Class of 1977 in 1998
"Hawk" donated by the Class of 1939 in 2001
"One Duck" donated by the Class of 1950 in 1997
"Otter" donated by the Class of 1970 in 2000
"Crane 2" donated by the Class of 1937 in 1998
"Raccoon" donated by Verlyn Louison, North High Industrial Tech teacher 1971 - 2001, in 2000
"Purple Prairie Corn Flower" donated in Memory of Harland and Mary Jo Rombert by the Parents of Thomas A. Romberg, Class of 1957 and Viking of Distinction 2003, Theodore Romberg, Class of 1951 and Harland (Pat) F. Romberg, Class of 1953.
"Black Eyed Susan" donated by Philip W. Welch, Jr., Viking of Distinction 2002, Class of 1966
"Columbine" donated by the Class of 1952
"The Spiderwort" donated by Dorothy Denton Dennis-Raschke, Viking of Distinction 2002 and Rev. Gerald W. Raschke, Class of 1942, Richard Raschke, Class of 1930, Robert Raschke, Class of 1937, Warren Raschke, Class of 1944, and Duane Raschke, Class of 1951
"Wild Rose" donated by the Class of 1942 in 2002
"Goldenrod" presented to Mrs. Bernice Nared, North High Principal 1997 - 2001, by the North High Faculty and Staff
"Pasque Flower" donated to the Students and Staff of North High School by Millard South High School, September 2000