Engineering & Science Addition


The groundbreaking ceremony for a major, privately funded addition to the building was held on September 12, 2008 at 10:30 AM.  With an expected completion date of Spring 2010, the addition will accommodate the growth in both the Engineering Technology as well as the Bio-Technology and Science programs.

The dedication of the new wing took place on Sunday, December 15, 2010.  The project is complete.


Construction progress - photographs will be taken on a periodic basis to document the construction.
Renderings of addition
Background Information to original student project
Timeline of the addition
Images from the original student project

Online article on the addition receiving Silver LEED certification.


Here are some renderings of the addition

An aerial rendering looking from North 36th Street.  The vertical white structure is the two story greenhouse overlooking the "green roof."

 A ground level view from North 36th Street looking up at the 2nd & 3rd floor conference room and classroom spaces.

Another view from North 36th Street

 Looking from the 3rd floor onto the green roof.

Outside on the green roof looking to the north towards the existing building.

 Another view at the green roof looking back to the greenhouse.

A view from within the structure looking towards the west.

 Another view looking towards the west.  The brickwork to the left is part of the original building  and serves as an entry way to the new addition.



The existing site for the proposed addition.

An early proposed design showing the view facing West on the 37th Street side fo the building.  Note the packing lot maintained underneath the building.

A view of the proposed Engineering Technology floor created by students in the Engineering Technology classes.  

Another view of the proposed Engineering Technology floor created by students in the Engineering Technology class.



During the 1999-2000 school year, a committee was formed to address the renewal and re-energizing of our magnet program.  Called Renewal 2000, one of the recommendations was a proposed four-year program in engineering that, since the fall of 2003, has received much publicity and recognition as an effective and model program of study.  To meet the growing needs, staffing has grown from three to five faculty members and a Magnet Coordinator has been assigned to manage the program and address its needs.  As an outgrowth of the engineering program, North recently added a Biotechnology program that now has two faculty members.  Partnerships exist with community members, faculty, building and district-level administrators, university and college faculty as well as students and parents.   All are working together to improve the program and maintain its leadership role in pre-engineering education.

The program is now suffering from a a lack of space to not only handle the number of students enrolled in engineering and biotechnology, but also properly and efficiently utilize the equipment used in the programs of study.  Students in the Civil Engineering course, as an outgrowth of the course, developed a proposal working in concert with professional engineering mentors from local corporations to addess the program needs. The document outlined the needs, layout and budget for a proposed addition located between the south and middle wings of the original building.  The proposal was updated in 2007.

More information on the magnet program in engineering and bio-technology can be found on out Magnet home page.



2003 - The Engineering Design & Development class designed a self-contained Bio-Tech center to be located on the northeast corner of 36th & Ames Avenue, across the street from Omaha North.


2005 - The Engineering and Design & Development class designed an engineering addition including two stories above the existing west facutly parking lot.  One floor was designed for engineering and the other for bio-technology and physics.


Original Student Proposal (PDF)

SAME Proposal, April 2005 (PDF) submitted to the Society of American Military Engineer's student contest.


2006 - Mr. Gene Haynes, principal, began looking at the design and location in earnest.  He initiated a campaign to obtain funding for the project.


2007 - a special project throught the Engineering Design & Development class revised the original design.

Subsequent Student Proposal (PDF)


2007 - At an October meeting and presentation, funding was insured from private sources.


Engineering & Science Addition

Construction Progress

Photographs and computer renderings of the completed project.

Images from the Engineering and Science addition will be posted here in reverse chronological order on a periodic basis.

 Photographs and renderings of the Haddix Center addition.
Flats of sedum, sown last year in Iowa, arrive at North via a crane and are installed as part of the green roof.

 This photograph shows the thickness of the sedum.  Note that this actually shows two plant sections - the actual depth is half of what you see.

With approximately one month remaining in construction, the new addition begins to show signs of finish work

Mar 2010  Another science classroom - note the dual nature of the classroom with a lab section to the rear and room for student deskts to the left of the teacher demonstration table.


Mar 2010 A view on the 2nd floor looking back towards the existing building.  Each floor has a showcase suitable for displaying student work as well as a room for a monitor for displaying announcements.
Mar 2010 Again, the showcase but this time on the 3rd floor with its distinctive yellow paint scheme.

Dec 2009 Another view with the Media Center arch in the lower left corner of the picture.

Interior walls go up...

Looking towards the main hallway of the existing building - note the windows that have been covered up. These windows still exist in the original building but have been "blacked out."

Oct 07
2009 The installation of the roof is now complete. With it, work will be able to continue with less concern for the weather.

Once inside the addition, the engineering staff is able to bring concepts into real-life as the class monitors the construction.

Melanie Maddox of WOWT interviews a North engineering student as part of her "High School Cribs" segment that is slated to air in late October, 2009.

Oct 07
2009 Looking west on the top floor.  Note the beginning of conduit installation and the steel decking that will eventually be covered by the concrete floor.

Oct 07
2009 Looking back towards the existing building from the 1st floor.

A close up of the conduit. Precise measurements are required to guarantee that the conduit is where it is supposed to be located.  Once the concrete is poured, it's too late.
Jul 12 2009 Most of the steel has been staged to the first floor.

May 28 2009 It took nineteen truckloads of cement to complete the first floor "pour" on Thursday, May 28.  By 2:00 PM, however, the pour was complete, power trowels were at work and finish work was being completed.

For more images, download this PDF of the pour.

Here is another picture but from another vantage point on the 2nd floor.
A closer look of the "drill bit."  Removing the derrick from the site takes @ three full work days.
After three weeks of heavy rain, not much has been accomplished on the new addition.  Warmer weather and a lack of rain in the forecast will help get construction running again.
The pre-construction site.  The "faculty" parking lot in cradled between the center and south wings of the original building. This view is from the west.  Parking lost here will be replaced by a new parking lot to the east of the MPC.