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One-to-One Computing at North

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Tutorials


 All information on this page should be considered subject to change.

1. Why the One-to-One Technology Program? Technology is an integral part to learning today.  Having access to an iPad 24 hours a day provides students with access to supportive materials and allows them to be content creators at any time.  As part of this plan, the Omaha Public Schools District provided each student with an iPad with internet connectivity through T-Mobile and have an unlimited 4G LTE Data Plan. You can also connect to your home Wi-Fi if you'd like.
2. What type of device will be provided to students? iPad 7th Gen 10.2" 32G with Wi-Fi and Cellular connectivity.  
3. What software will be installed on the iPad? The latest version of Microsoft Office will be installed on all iPads. Additional software will be available as required by the curriculum.  Filter software is also installed to provide the same type of safe internet surfing at home as a student experiences at North.
4. Can students bring personal computers from home? No.  North High is not a Bring Your Own Device high school.  With the distribution of iPads to all students, there isn't a need for personal devices at school.
5. Will there be desktop computers also available in select classes? Yes: engineering, journalism, computer science, business and possibly others will still have shared desktop computers due to the type of software required for those classes.
6. What if the parent/ guardian doesn't want the student to participate in the 1:1 iPad program? The classroom will rely on the use of the iPad and its associated software and internet access. It is strongly suggested that the student participate in the One-to-One program.
7. What if the student forgot to charge the iPad at home? It is the student's responsibility to bring a fully-charged iPad and charger to school every day.
8. What if the student forgets the iPad at home? It is the student's responsibility to bring the iPad to school every day.  If forgotten, student can always use a paper and pencil to complete some assignments. Teams and other Microsoft products are able to be used on a cellular phone as well.
9. Can I "personalize" the iPad? No, stickers may not be affixed to the iPad, nor may you "personalize" it with a marker or anything else.  Any damage will result in a fine.
10. Repair

iPad repair will be handled by the school district. iPads needing repair should be brought to the Computer Center.  Contact North Tech Support for repairs - (

11. How to add school software to the iPad using the Manager App? The OPS iPads are managed by the district - and do not use the App Store as on a personal device.  Students will be able to self-install district approved software using the Manager App.  The software to be installed must have met school district vetting and will be made available via the Manager App.
12. Can the student add his/her personal software or accounts to the student iPads? No.  Adding personal accounts will conflict with the management of the iPad - and could cause many apps not to work properly.
13. Will the iPad be filtered when used outside of school? Yes, the same filter that protects the iPad from inappropriate content at school during the day will also be active when used at home.
14. What paperwork must be completed before receiving the iPad? There are two forms that must be completed each school year - one for the student and one for the parent to complete. They can be found at the top of this document.

15. Do students get to keep the iPad over the summer? 

What if my student changes schools?

Yes - student will keep the same iPad for their 4 years of high school - including the summer months. 


If the student is transferring to another OPS school, they will take the iPad with them.  If the student is leaving OPS, the iPad and and all accessories must be returned to the school.

16.  Is there a insurance program available to help cover the cost of loss or repairs? Yes, there is an insurance plan that can be purchased for $20.00 per year.  Information on the OPS Insurance Program can be found within the forms at the top of the page.
17. Replacement costs iPad and power supply - $463.00
12W iPad charging plug - $19.00
USB to Lightning charging cable - $19.00
iPad cover - $50.00
18. Does the insurance plan cover gross negligence? No, the insurance plan does not cover gross negligence nor lost items. For example, a lost power adapter or lost/damaged protective cover is not covered by the insurance plan.  An iPad that does not have its protective cover voids the insurance plan.
19. What is the student's/ family's responsibility in the case of a lost or stolen iPad? Immediately report the loss to the Computer Center.  If lost or stolen at school, Computer Center staff will work with the School Resource Officer to file a police report.  If lost or stolen outside of school, the family must file a police report and submit a copy of the police report to the Computer Center.
20. Will students receive a new iPad each school year? No, students will use the same iPad for his/her time at North.
21. What happens if a student transfers from one school to another? If the student is transferring to another OPS school, the iPad will go to the new school with the student.  If the student is transferring to a school outside of OPS - the iPad and power supply must be returned to North High.


You can submit a question about North's 1:1 program by emailing it to  Tech Support requests should be sent to North Tech Support.