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About North High

This section provides a myriad of information about North High from its history to current day summer programs for elementary students to the mission and goals guiding the building on a day-by-day basis. We tout our own horn in the awards section, communicate with our community in the newsletter and share our concerns and issues with our corporate partners. Additional information can be found by selecting any of the links below.

Dress Code

Here is a pictorial representation of the Student Dress Code.

North Wins 2007 Magnet School Award

North has been named a 2007 Magnet Schools of America Magnet School of Excellence. Additional awards can be found here.  Information about our magnet programs can be found by clicking on the MAGNET link at the top of this page.


Our school logo, mascot and song

Media Center Stained Glass Window Project

Originally started in 19xx, the Stained Glass Window Project has transformed ordinary windows in the Media Center (or upstairs gym to many alumni) into an artistic wonder piece representing Eastern Nebraskan Ecology. [Read More]


Who Are We?

Omaha North High Magnet Center is a public mathematics, science, engineering and technology magnet school located in Omaha, Nebraska. Students from all parts of the Omaha Public School District as well as students from outside the district participate in a specialized curriculum.

In 1992, a blue-ribbon panel of education leaders selected by Redbook magazine picked North as one of the 140 best high schools in America and the number one high school in Nebraska in 1994 for technology innovation and in 1996 for community involvement.

In 1997 North High was selected by the Magnet Schools of America Commission as its Magnet School of America Award winner. In 2006, North High was again honored by the Magnet Schools of America with its 2006 Award of Distinction. In 2007, North High received the group's Award of Excellence.

There are more than 1,800 students in grades 9 - 12. Nearly two-thirds of the students attend an institution of higher learning after graduation and the remainder apply their skills in the world of work or the military.

All departments emphasize the role of technology in our changing society. Students and staff have access to almost 1,000 computers.


A History of Omaha North High Magnet School

For the publication of the 1998 Omaha North High School Alumni Directory, Class of 1957 graduate John Carter wrote "History," a short history of North that appears on pages v - viii of that publication.

Do you know the location of the first North High School, the name of the first yearbook, why boys took accelerated courses so they could graduate in under four years, the content of an 1994 lead editorial in the Omaha World-Herald? If not, take a look at History (PDF 22KB)



The mission of Omaha North High Magnet School is to prepare all students for success in life long studies and careers.



School Improvement Plan (SIP) is the strategic plan for school improvement and accreditation of the Omaha Public Schools. As such, each school has developed its own plan to meet the needs of its students. It is this plan that establishes the building goals.

What are the School Improvement Plan goals for North?

The School Improvement Plan goals are:

  • Students will advance on grade level each school year with the goal of graduation in four years
  • All students will demonstrate respect and responsibility for others in the learning environment and school activities
  • Parents/Stakeholders are engaged in the educational process at Omaha North High Magnet School
  • To improve reading comprehension in all content areas
  • To improve numeracy in all content areas.

Questions about our Excels goals - email the SIP Coordinator.

Transcript Request

Transcript Request Form - download, print & complete to request a copy of your high school transcript.










Viking Time is North's advisement program implemented in August of 2009.